Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Halloween at HTPL

 Trick or Treat

 SO much fun!

 The Petting Zoo came to HTPL!

 Mrs. Vela's class watched out the window while they waited to see the animals.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pre K had a blast carving pumpkins!

Mrs. Saundra's class had a mess fun time carving pumpkins!
The kids helped clean out the pumpkins, ate roasted pumpkin seeds, and helped carve the pumpkins.
How much Fun!

 They are so excited!!
 So kids loved digging out the messy stuff and others would not touch it.

 Check out these faces!

 Too cute! Lauren was a great helper.

HTPL's Littlest Friends

Our Infant One Class is easy to fall in love with!
 Collin having playtime :)
 Our sweet new friend Peyton
 Our littlest friend Griffin.
 Miss Londyn playing in the saucer.
 Mat time with friends :)

Sweet Baby Chloe 
 TWINS! :)
 Adorable little Collin G.
 Play Time!