Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Preschool 1

There is SO much happening in our Preschool 1 class with Ms. Sara! 


The children are experiencing hands on activities that are teaching them skills they will carry with them throughout their entire educational journey.

Ms. Sara's room is all "FALL"ed out :)




Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Holly Tree Jubilee!

Our first annual Holly Tree Jubilee was a great success! Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated with us :)

Dylan enjoyed our "Feed the Elephant" station! He did not want to leave :)

Another big hit at the carnival was bowling!  The kids  couldn't stay away from this fun station!!

               We has a special guest visit us! The cow from Chick Fil A! He even rode the train with us :)

Mr. Cow engaged in our fun activities as well. :)

Thank you to everyone who made this day special. The kids had an awesome time and it was a great time of fun and fellowship in our Antioch community! We appreciate you all! :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Music N' Motion

We are proud of the enrichment programs we offer here at Holly Tree! One of these programs includes Music N' Motion with Ms. Linda. This is a time of learning, music, and FUN! 

Ms. Linda builds relationships with every child while incorporating a love for music and learning!

Ms. Linda ties in our theme of the week with what she teaches so that our children get the most out of every lesson :)

 What we are Learning:  

  • Phonics                                           

  • Spelling/Reading Readiness 

  • Sign Language

  • Spanish

  • Geography

  • History

  • Math

  • Group Cooperation Skills

  • Coordination Skills

Ms. Linda instills a love of music into our children by teaching with parachutes, balls, rhythm sticks, sight words, bean bags, puppets, drums, maracas and SO MUCH MORE! We are so glad to have this amazing enrichment program each week as we watch each child grow and blossom from the positive benefits.

Thank you Ms. Linda for being a part of our educational journey and adding some JAZZ to our Monday mornings! :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Soccer Shots!

Soccer Shots is a national program teaching children ages 2-8 the beautiful game of soccer. One of their trademarks is the developmentally appropriate curriculum they use that emphasizes creative play, enjoyment of sport, and character building lessons. These coaches are energetic and enthusiastic individuals who love working with kids of all ages!


Our kids LOVE soccer shots! They have a chance to get their energy out while learning knowledgeable skills that will help them in sports, and in life. 

The coaches are incredible role models for these young people. During every practice the kids are taught character vocabulary and the importance of building ones character. Some examples of their weekly words include; integrity, honesty, and courageous.

Here are a few words from our soccer coaches: 

Soccer Shots has been running clinics specifically designed for 2-to-8 year olds for over 15 years. We have coached over 400,000 children since we began. Our curriculum has been specifically developed with this age group in mind. While our ultimate goal is to develop a love of soccer and fitness for your child, we are firm believers that each child is capable of learning something new each session while having a blast in the process.

We are so happy to have Soccer Shots partnered with Holly Tree as we work together to encourage and lead our children to success - in sports, and in life!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mr. Bond the Science Guy!

Our children had a great experience learning science through fun, hands-on experience with Mr. Bond the Science Guy!


Mr. Bond included our students in all of his experiences! They felt like real chemists. The smoke from the gas mixtures had everyone's attention in the room- even the teachers were amazed :) 

We even made flying bubbles (Mr. Bond made the teachers wear them on their heads)! :)

Thank you Mr. Bond for stirring up our little minds and getting us excited about SCIENCE! We can't wait for your next visit!!