Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Inside and Out

 The Recycling Robot paid us a visit to talk about
the importance of recycling! Recycle Robot talked about 
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Everyone was enthused about 
the visit, and more importantly, about recycling!
The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has
as special web section just for kids that follows with 
what we learned from our Robot! Please take a look (with your children :)
Lifestyle habits start early! The link is below:

Yay for warmer weather!

Our teachers, as well as our children, have enjoyed
warmer weather and playing outside! We thought it would never get 
here... Happy Spring everyone! 

When we can't get outside, there's plenty to do inside!

We've enjoyed Music-N-Motion class and puppet 
shows just to name a few! 

We love Holly Tree and think you will, too!
Find out more at:

Fun Fact: 

Tomorrow, May 1st, kicks off Teacher Appreciation Month, 
and Teacher Appreciation Week is May 5th-9th.
We want to say an early "Thank You" to all the fabulous 
teachers here at Holly Tree Priest Lake! We appreciate you!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It's All About the Children!

Holly Tree Families, teachers, and children
came together in support of 
Pinwheels for Prevention.

The Pinwheels project is:
" ...a national organization whose mission is "to prevent the abuse and neglect of our nation's children,
"our emphasis is to now transform that awareness  into action. We now have that opportunity 
through the pinwheel, which reminds us of childlike notions and stands for the chance at the healthy, 
happy and full lives all children deserve."

For more information about the Pinwheel project and 
what you can do to raise awareness about child neglect and abuse, 
click the link below:

For more information about our fabulous Holly Tree 
preschool program, click:

We provide care for families with children ages 6 weeks
through twelve years. We currently have four Infant classrooms, 
a Toddler class, two 2 year old classes, a 3's class,
 a 4 year old class, a Pre-K (for those going to Kindergarten in the fall), 
and School-Age before and after care.
 At Holly Tree we believe in Faith, Family, and Fun!
Additionally, our school is based on Christian values and focuses on 
enriching children's lives and helping them develop in every learning area.
Come visit and see for yourself why Holly Tree Christian Preschool is 
a Tennessee rated Three Star center. 
Many Blessings!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Discovering at School!

There's always something to discover at Holly Tree!

 Holly Tree teachers work with children in groups and individually to promote specific skills. Group time is great for developing social skills, language and speech, and literacy skills. Individual attention has a variety purposes; everything from building teacher-student relationships to how to make letters to how use a computer! Our teachers have a passion for their work and for the young children they teach. Holly Tree teachers are truly fantastic!

Group times for younger children are of great value, too. 
They never last too long because best practices indicate the shorter the better!
Check out the links below for articles that describe some benefits of group times:

Additionally, check out this link for more about the benefits of individual attention:

Come and see our teachers and students shine in their classrooms here at 
Holly Tree, and see for yourself why we love our team!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happy Hump Day!

It's the "Week of the Young Child"
We're celebrating with our fabulous
Holly Tree children. You can celebrate 
too by checking out the National Association
for the Education of Young Children's website 
full of information about this wonderful week:

Sometimes it's fun to be silly!
We wore our clothes backwards--just for fun!

 We always celebrate young children here at Holly Tree.
We believe that the best foundation for growth is built on 
For more information about Holly Tree, click:

Come see for yourself what makes our program great!

Friday, April 4, 2014


Whether little or big, there's always 
something to smile about at Holly Tree!

We help promote skills development, but we also give lots of love!
Our fabulous teachers are trained in every area of early childhood education,
but most of all, they LOVE what they do! When you become part of the 
Holly Tree Family, we want YOU to be as happy as your children. 
We make building relationships with families a priority, 
and we can't wait to meet yours! 
For more information about our 
family-friendly program visit:

During class, our teachers help their children do everything
 from learning to make friends to cutting with 
scissors to thinking mathematically!

In the life of a young child, everything that happens is curriculum! 
As our teachers help promote development, they also help children have fun. 
At Holly Tree, keeping your children safe, happy, 
and comfortable comes above all else.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Family Night and Open House at Holly Tree

We loved Open House at Holly Tree!

Families visited our Scholastic Book Fair!

Teddy Bear Portraits came with school pictures;
(Un-purchased pictures are still onsite here at 
Holly Tree and available for purchase for the 
next two weeks. Stop by the front desk to
view yours and make your purchase.)

Liberty Nation came and offered free
"Child Safe Kits" for all! More forms for 
the Child Safe Kit are available here onsite
if you were unable to register.

We had Family Finger-Paint, Family Pictures, 
and gave a free week of tuition to a lucky winner!

We also had a fabulous spaghetti dinner!

A GREAT time was had by all;
Thanks to all who came!

Keep a look out for future family events, 
(We love them!)
and for more information about 
Holly Tree click the link below: