Tuesday, December 30, 2014

At Holly Tree, we believe in good health!
Part of establishing healthy habits and a 
healthy lifestyles depends on exercise; 
and the sooner the start the better.
That's why our January theme is 
Fitness Fanatics! Your're never too
young (or too old!) to be healthy!

Because exercise for children involves lots of fun activities, 
we're happy to announce that
is coming to Holly Tree!

Soccer Shots is a kid-friendly, non-competitive, indoor/outdoor
soccer program for children. We're excited to partner with this
fabulous organization in our Fitness Fanatics quest!
They came by and hosted a Fun Day and 
lots of fun was certainly had by all:

Soccer Shots will be on site for Holly Tree students every Tuesday during
the winter season starting January 13th. For more information contact
Michael Lewis at: mlewis@soccershots.org

Healthy habits for our very own Fitness Fanatics 
also include one of our favorite things...food!
Our teachers are up to the task of  building healthy 
eating habits with a special lunch break at

Hey, if Jared can do it--so can they!

Find out more about Fitness Fanatics and our 
Holly Tree Preschool and School Age Programs
by clicking the link below:

Have a Happy 
(and healthy!)
New Year!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Santa Baby!

Santa and babies--what could be better
(or cuter!) for Christmas!
Santa made us all happy when 
he visited last week. 
Now hurry down the chimney, Santa!
Click the link for fun and interesting
Santa facts! 

Christmastime is great for making fun art projects.
Check out a few of ours below, and check out this article:

for fun ideas to make at home!

Nothing rings in Christmas like a school Christmas Program,
and ours was fabulous! 
It brought teachers, family, and friends 
together for some Christmas joy! 

Shout out to our friends at
for the Christmas treats! We love you!
Please check them out at:

Merry Christmas, peace, and joy to you all!

Find out more about Holly Tree at:

Blessings to you and yours!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

This Week At Holly Tree

Every day is special at Holly Tree,
even when we're doing simple things!
Sharing time with friends in a 
fun and caring environment 
makes it that way! 
Building a gingerbread house, 
reading a book, or waiting for Santa
 are all special and relaxing moments to enjoy now
and to remember forever!

Enjoy our pictures of a typical Holly Tree day, 
and to find out more go to:


Along with all the fun, we focus on learning!

Our Preschool 1 Class found working on letters
(creatively, of course!) very interesting.

And our Pre-K class loved doing mock interviews!

(Check out this article on language development from
Get Ready To Read.org to see how activities like this
promote literacy and language for preschoolers!)

Sometimes the simple things are the best things,
like hanging out with friends--big and small! 

"When learners are relaxed, thinking becomes eminent. 
Authoritative and tense environment hinders thinking."

That's here at Holly Tree why we believe in love, 
and fun, and lots of smiles, as you can see!

Come visit us and see why Holly Tree is a great
place to relax--and learn!

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Blessing of Family

Our Holly Tree family celebrated our blessings together
with a fabulous Thanksgiving feast and fellowship!

See some of our fun and smiles below:

We've said it before and we'll say it again;
Holly Tree is all about family. We're a diverse
family community that works together--
and that certainly "works" for us!

The National Association For The Education Of Young Children, 
found at www.naeyc.org,
has this to say about diverse Early Childhood communities:

"The intercultural approach realizes that no one individual 
fully represents an ethnicity or a race. Each person 
represents his or her own experience as a member of a 
group and within his or her cultural context. The phrase 
cultural context within the early childhood education 
setting is inclusive of all aspects of a child’s cultural 
identity that are unique and influential: ethnicity and 
race, primary language, family composition, socioeconomic status, 
and special needs. Each individual can simultaneously 
contribute in multiple ways to the richness of the cultural context.  

Even in classrooms where children 
appear to be homogeneous in terms 
of ethnicity and socioeconomic status, they may 
have a variety of special needs and are likely 
being raised in a variety of different family structures. 
The varieties of family compositions, 
for example, bring unique experiences 
into children’s lives and, thus, their 
cultural context. "

We couldn't agree more! 

Why do we succeed at Holly Tree?
We value individuals. And so do our teachers. In our
classrooms you'll find Early Childhood professionals
who care about teaching individual children, 
as well as their classroom groups, 
along with welcoming families of all kinds.

Come see how comfortable Early Childhood care can be!
Visit us at Holly Tree today!