Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thinking the Day Away!

There's so much to think 
about in preschool--and so
many fun things to do! 
At Holly Tree, we fill 
our days with "doing" and 
"thinking",which really means 
learning and having fun!


We observe, learn about trial and error, 
and develop hand and finger muscles
when we're little-and when we're bigger!
For more preschool information
about thinking processes and 
small motor physical development
skills go to: 


We learn about health, science concepts, 
and math in many ways; making parfaits 
and graphing favorites fruits are just two of them!

When we can see and touch, we can ponder...

We think outside, too, and that
makes us happy!

Sometimes we think in groups, sometimes alone, 
and sometimes with our special teachers. 
In all these ways we're learning!
And having fun!

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Goodbye February!

                                                            As February draws to a close
                                                           we want to celebrate with a last 
     look at all the fun we've had!


We can't wait for March!!! 

Come have all the fun with us at Holly Tree!
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hip Hip Hooray!

Hip, Hip, Hurray! 
We Love Outside!
Outside's not only great for 
fresh air and sunshine, 
it's great for development, too!

Playing outside promotes 
social skills, physical skills, 
and cognitive skills! All this skill
development is great for
growing children. For more details
about the benefits of outdoor
play check out this link 
from the National Association for 
the Education of Young Children:

But most importantly, see how
 much fun it is and see how 
many smiles it brings! 
It's emotional development at its best!

Come learn and play with us at 
Holly Tree Christian Preschool!

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Growing Up at Holly Tree

Our center's growing--in ages and numbers! 
We're adding classes and adding
families and we couldn't be happier!
As children grow and develop, so do their 
abilities, and thus their need for 
more activities, more opportunities, 
and more challenges!
Some of our Toddlers have grown
up so much that we recently 
added a Young Two's class 
with a fabulous new teacher! 
Her name is Ms. Sara, she's the mother
 of a two year old herself, and her
new class is going great! 
See for yourself below!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Extreme Couponing comes to Holly Tree!!

Have you watched the popular show called "Extreme Couponing"? Do you want to learn how to save lots of money purchasing items you use all the time for little to no money? 

Parents are Holly Tree sure are excited and buzzing about the new parent ran, parent involved couponing club! Our very own expertise offered (what we thought) was a one time class on just the basics. The club members wanted to know more and more. The club now meets once a week in our gathering place while their children are still in our quality program! 

Coupon leader, Anedra Stewart, a parent at Holly Tree does lots of research and finds every deal possible! 

She uses the popular website: southern savers 


We have now set up a coupon drop box in our lobby. I'm sure this program will only grow! They have upcoming plans to help Holly Tree shop for supplies that we often donate to Second Harvest Food Pantry, soldiers over sees, or the local community. 

If you are interested in learning how to start couponing, do your research! It is really very simple. ENROLLING your child at Holly Tree could be the first step to saving money! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Learning at Holly Tree

When you drop your child off at Holly Tree, 
rest assured that they will be learning and growing!

Because we are "Center-Based", you'll see learning in many areas.
Our classrooms have Math Centers, Science Centers, Writing Centers,
Dramatic Play Centers, Block Centers, Art Centers, Sand and Water Centers,
and more! Each Center helps build specific skills, and the skills built in each center
overlap! Click this link for more information on how Early Childhood skills
develop in Center-Based preschools: 
and the additional link to find out how the curriculum we use here at Holly Tree, 
High Reach, coordinates with some of those Developmental Standards:

Check out some of the ways we build skills (and have fun)!!!

We love learning at Holly Tree! For more information about our center 
click the following link:

We'd love to show you how much fun learning can be!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Holly Tree Happenings

There's so much happening here at Holly Tree during February! 

Love is in the air--and not just for the children! Sometimes parents need to feel the love too!
We're sending two lucky Holly Tree family members out for Valentine's Day

Our child-decorated hallways could charm even Cupid!

Valentine's Day means more than "love" here at Holly Tree! 
It's a chance to talk about relationships, learn vocabulary, cut 
with scissors, talk about history, measure all kinds of "stuff", 
get creative, use our imaginations, and work together! Wow! 
Learning opportunities abound and we use them all--
while having fun!

For interesting and developmentally appropriate Valentine's 
ideas for younger children, such as infants 
and toddlers, check out this link from 
Zero to Three's website:

It also gives great ideas for every other month of the year!

We love special moments at Holly Tree, and we have plenty of them! 
It doesn't have to be a "special occasion" for something special to 
happen as you can see below-- 
What a treat to share a favorite book with friends! 
That's what we call special!

Stop by Holly Tree to see just how special we are!