Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Outside chalk art

This afternoon was a center-wide outside chalk art day of fun! We blocked off an area of the parking lot. The children came out and decorated our parking lot! 

Many children drew shapes and lots of hearts! That tells me we have happy kiddos! 
This kids set boundaries marked by chalk lines. "This is my personal space" I heard one child say. I love the conversations you hear when your just listening! 
Here we have one child laid out to have his body traced! We discussed crime scenes and safety procedures. The children told me that this is what detectives do. I even heard someone say that they might become a detective one day! 
Other children were over the chalk drawing but luckily we had other activities available for them. From hula hoops, ball and jump ropes to some kids just picking up nature items, like leaves, the day turned out to just be a day of fun outdoor learning and perfect weather! 

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Teacher spotlight- Ms. Vela!!

I have to take a few minutes to recognize a truly valued employee, Ms. Vela Battle! 

Vela has been an employee of Holly Tree Christian Preschool for fourteen years. She has been a teacher in many classrooms over the years. The first week in September, she moved to the pre-k classroom. I've always known that Vela was a one-of-a-kind teacher but WOW! She has blown me away since making a switch to this classroom. 

Vela has spent many hours of her own personal time at home making math and literacy learning games. To the children it seems like just a fun game, but hidden is also an activity that is teaching the children necessary skills. 
Here is a child using chopsticks to place the correct number of Pom poms into each container of a muffin tin. This activity helps children developing counting skills, sorting and small motor. 
This is a self-portrait bulletin board. Once a month the children will document on paper their interpretation of their self image. Each month it will be added to the board so that the progression stages will be easily identified. 
Here is a project the kids were asked to do. The class is learning about the letter "C" so they had to bring a bag full of things that start with C. It was so neat to see all the items. One child brought a car shaped cookie cutter tin!! What a fun and engaging activity! 

Here the children are in a small group working on "extra" work. They were not asked to do this but they wanted to do big kid homework!! 

This class and Ms. Vela are just amazing! I love going into this classroom. It is just fun and inviting! If your child is lucky enough to have Ms. Vela as a teacher then you will not be disappointed! 

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