Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Teachers Love Learning, Too!

Recently our teachers and directors went for   
a fabulous, local, learning experience;
the yearly conference for:
The Nashville Area Association For The 
Education Of Young Children (NAAEYC).
 The NAAEYC "teaches" teachers
and supports all families, teachers, and children
through programs for learning and advocacy.

NAAEYC: Our Mission...............
BECAUSE the young child speaks with a small voice, CRIES often go unheard. BECAUSE the young child has no commanding presence, NEEDS often go unseen. IN IT'S BRIEF, FRAGILE, FORMATIVE YEARS, the spirit is shaped by forces beyond its control. It is our goal to create an environment for the child that is safe without being restrictive; nurturing yet challenging...an environment allowing the freedom to become all that lies within.

  • DEVELOPING WITHIN PARENTS an awareness of the resources available for the care of their child;
  • DEVELOPING WITHIN THE CHILDCARE INDUSTRY a continuing emphasis on increased quality of peronnel and programs;
  • DEVELOPING WITHIN THE COMMUNITY an awareness of issues important to the quality of life of the young child and building public understanding of the importance of making quality extended care programs available to every parent.

Click for more About NAAEYC

Please click the link below to find out more about
how you can affect legislation that determines policies
put in place that affect young children in Tennessee.

In early childhood education, 
fun and learning go hand in hand!

Check out our program at:

and come have fun with us!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy At Holly Tree

We love Happy Holly Tree families!

Come see why Holly Tree families are all smiles!

Maybe it's because out caring teachers are cross trained
in a variety of topics from SIDS prevention to
skills and everything in between!

Maybe it's because we believe in happy, engaged children
having interesting and fulfilling experiences all day.

Maybe it's because we know that love is the foundation 
upon which all learning begins.

Maybe it's because we are really a family community
that trusts in God, enjoys each other's company 
and wants the best for everyone!

Come see why we are all smiles at Holly Tree; 
we bet you'll be all smiles, too!

Visit our website at:

Thursday, April 9, 2015

We Care About Children

At Holly Tree, children's safety, development,
and happiness are our top priorities. We want the best for not only our 
Holly Tree kids,but ALL kids! Our company, our directors, and our teachers 
have a passion for everything that  concerns young children.

Because the the National Association For The Education Of 
Young Children's "Week Of The Young Child"
 is coming up, we want to share some resources
about issues surrounding all young children. 

Child neglect, abuse, and child sexual abuse occur, and there 
are things we, as concerned adults, can do to help detect and 
care for children experiencing these unfortunate
 and unacceptable circumstances.

The CHILD ABUSE hotline number is 1-877-237-0004.
If you suspect child neglect or abuse please call. As a caller, you 
are not responsible for the "rightness or wrongness" of the situation.
You are only responsible for the reporting of your suspicion. 
The workshop listed below is free and open to the public. Please 
feel free to join us there for valuable information.

Visit  TN Voices For Victims for more information.

When we think of children with disabilities, 
we often need more information.
Click the link below to find out more about preschoolers 
and disabilities, and what you can do as an adult who cares.

If you need more information about the above issues, or any Early Childhood issue, 
please let us know. Our capable and willing staff will be glad to assist you. 
Clicking on TN.Gov will also give a wealth of information on 
many topics involved with early childhood.

Visit us at Holly Tree in person, or check out our website at: