Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Preschool Is About Friends!

From Infants to School-Agers, our Program here at 
Holly Tree considers the importance of developing 
friendships. Yes, we learn math concepts, science
procedures, and explore creative processes, but
friends are important, too! Learning about self,
learning about others, and learning to
develop relationships are a large
part of what being a child is all about. 

Check out this article and it's Social and Emotional developmental fact sheets: 
It may help you better understand (or remember :) what it's like to be a kid! 

Our pictures below will help you see how
friendships grow at Holly Tree!

Showing interest in others is the first step!

Feeling part of a group deepens connections to others!

Shared activities create conversations and smiles!

Working together is interesting!

...and productive, wow!

Shared interests mean shared goals!

Growing with friends is important--and fun!

Come see how we're growing at Holly Tree!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Fitness Fanatics at Holly Tree

January is all about health at Holly Tree! We're focusing on exercise and healthy foods all month as we gear up for our Branches Bolt Tiny Marathon that will occur January 28th. Our marathon benefits Branches, a ministry that benefits Never Grow Up children, workers, and families. Find out more about Branches here: A special guest joined us for a Fitness Fanatics kick-off party and got everyone up and moving! Fitness sure feels good!

Our very own Predators mascot, Gnash, surprised everyone with exercises and autographs!

Everybody's ready for fitness and fun--thanks Gnash!

We're also focusing on Pretend Play. Pretend Play isn't only fun, it encourages development is a variety of areas. For more information about the benefits of Pretend Play check out this article from Scholastic:

as well as this from

Check out our children reaping the benefits!

We love combining fun with learning!!!

Come see for yourself at Holly Tree Priest Lake!