Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Family Fun!

At Holly Tree we know the key to success
is partnering with families! We offer many
opportunities for families and teachers to come 
together, both individually, and in groups. 
Not only do we enjoy these times, we know they 
are valuable to children's development. 
Early Childhood News experts agree:

Importance of the Family-Teacher Relationship
"Family-teacher relationships can be complex and include many different areas such as the teacher’s relationships with the children; the teacher’s relationships with the children’s families; the teacher’s relationships with colleagues; and the teacher’s relationship with the community. Often, early childhood teachers attend only to their relationships with the children. Yet, our ability to teach children expands past the children and includes family, colleagues, and our own community. By involving all of these components we create a rich environment for our children and serve as models for the children to create positive relationships with other people."

You can access the article in its entirety
by clicking the link below:

The fabulous photos you see are just one example of how
we brought Holly Tree families together, with our bi-annual 
Spaghetti Dinner and Scholastic Book Fair! We had a lot of fun, 
and most importantly, our Holly Tree children did, too!

Fun and fellowship are important at Holly Tree. We believe that 
parents are their children's first teachers, and that we're here to provide
support and promote early childhood development--in a variety of ways! 
We enjoy what we do, and would love to show you just how special Holly Tree can be!

Click the link below to find out more!

Also, we want to give a shout out to Scholastic! 
We love Book Fairs and they are the best! 
Scholastic provides many resources for parents, as well.
Please check out all Scholastic has to offer at:

Many Blessings!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Holly Tree is about learning!

Daily activities develop and reinforce 
important skills -- which leads to learning!

Pictured below are important concepts in action; 
things like:

Mathematical thinking (even geometry!)
and social development occur while building with a friend!

Fine motor development, spatial awareness, 
and creative thinking skills develop while
playing lone with blocks!

Dressing up and carrying out "scenarios" 
develop social and emotional skills, respect for others,
creativity, memory, love of learning, and literacy!

Dramatic play even helps us think about the future!
"What do I want to be when I grow up....?"

At the sand table, negotiation skills, scientific 
skills, and persistence develop! 

When teachers share interactive stories with 
their classes, communication, listening, and speaking
skills develop, as well as, alphabet recognition,
book concepts, imagination, and literacy!

So much learning takes place through daily
activities like those pictured above, 
but much develop occurs also through daily routines.

"In the preschool classroom, teachers are always planning 
and evaluating their student’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills 
but we are going to take a look at what many refer to as “life skills…”
The development of life skills often happen naturally as preschoolers 
spend each day doing daily tasks such as putting jackets away, 
pouring cups of juice, or washing hands and getting ready for snack…"

At Holly tree, we believe that for young children,
everything is curriculum! That's why we use every opportunity,
including daily routines, to help your child develop his or
her full potential. For more about what you can do at home
to focus on routines as learning experiences check out
this article from the Hanen Center:

And for more about about our fabulous program
here at Holly Tree, click:

Many Blessings!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Something For Everyone!

Here at Holly Tree,
there's something for everyone.
From Infants to Pre-K, we offer 
a variety of fun and interesting 
activities to promote healthy child
development for the "whole child".
And we top it off with lots of love!

Check out some of our classes
learning and having fun, and 
Find out more at:

In our Infant 2 class, our sweet babies begin to
learn emotional, social and physical development. 
They also begin to develop (cognitive) thinking 
skills, and even independence! With very young children,
everything that happens is curriculum. Our fabulous infant
teachers will help your child learn daily, and most
importantly, feel loved while they're doing it!

For more information about your infant's development,
including expectations, safety, health, and parenting tips,
check out this link from the Centers For Disease Control (CDC. Gov).

Age appropriate activities promote positive development. 
We call this Developmentally Appropriate Practice, also known as DAP. 
Since parents are their children's first teachers, 
we've included a link for the National Association 
for the Education of Young Children, so you can learn more about DAP
and what it all means for your child's development. The following 
pictures reveal some fun and important 
DAP aspects in our Holly Tree classrooms!

Using hands and thinking creatively are 
developmentally appropriate for toddlers.

Listening to an interactive story with a group is 
developmentally appropriate for Pre-K.

Using a sensory bin with a friend is 
developmentally appropriate for Preschoolers.

Outside play is developmentally appropriate for 
everyone, even very young children! 

To get a real view of how we put DAP 
into practice here at Holly Tree, come by and pay 
us a visit! We'll show you how valuable positive
Early Childhood Education can be!

Please visit our link to find out more
about our program, where, along with learning,
 we stand for Faith, Family, and Fun!

~Many Blessings~