Monday, September 29, 2014

Fun In Nashville

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At Holly Tree, we're all about families,
so we want to share some of our community's
fabulous, fun, (and in many cases free!) 
family opportunities with you!
When it comes to things to do for families,
Nashville's certainly got you covered! 
Check out a few of our favorite places below:

A Nashville tradition since 1931, 
The Nashville Children's Theater has been 
producing quality entertainment for children and
family friendly pricing for 83 years!

This is a Nashville icon that's hard to beat!


A fabulous new place opened 
just near our center; 
it's a must see!

In conjunction with the Nashville Predators, 
the Ford Ice Center offers activities
 for children and adults alike!

If you want hockey, ice skating, lessons, 
or parties,this is the place to check out!

Click the link below for Ice Center schedules:


There just aren't enough good 
things to say about our 
Nashville Public Libraries!

From the activities they offer 
to the puppet shows they perform, 
there is truly something for everyone!
Click the link above for a comprehensive
overview of everything they have for families! 


Because it's always a fabulous fall in Nashville,
we've included a list for some seasonal fun:

Check back often for more links 
to great places and activities as the seasons change! 
There's always something to fun 
to do in Nashville, TN!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Learning In Many Ways!

At Holly Tree, learning is fun! 
It also takes a variety of forms. 
Our teachers promote learning
through the arts as well as 
"reading, writing, and arithmetic"!
Sometimes the children learn from 
each other, and sometimes they follow 
the lead of our fabulous teacher/role models!

The Arts Education promotion organization above has 
this to say about " the arts" as teaching tools:

"Through arts education, very young children can
experience nontraditional modes of learning that develop
intrapersonal, interpersonal, spatial, kinesthetic, and logic abilities,
skills, and knowledge, as well as traditional modes of learning that
develop mathematical and linguistic abilities, skills, and knowledge.
Because children learn in multiple ways, activities should
reflect these multiple ways of knowing and doing."

For more in depth information about the topic 
pleaseclick on the link above.

As always, for more on our fabulous program here at
Holly Tree Christian Preschool-- and how we 
use the arts to help our children learn--
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Many Blessings!

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Whole Child

Whole Child Development is defined as follows, by
Development has several inter-related dimensions.  These include physical, cognitive, social, spiritual and emotional development, each of which influence the other and all of which are developing simultaneously. Progress in one area affects progress in others. Likewise when something goes wrong in any one of those areas it impacts all the other areas. For example, children who are malnourished are not able to learn; children with learning problems frequently have low self-esteem, etc. Developing a program based on an understanding of holistic development means taking the whole child into consideration, providing attention to the child's health, nutrition, cognitive, and socio-emotional needs.

In our preschool's classrooms, children are provided with a variety 
of outlets and opportunities that enhance a variety of developmental areas 
that incorporate a "whole child" approach.
Check out the following links focused on several of those areas
to discover why we do what we do!

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Families Are Special At Holly Tree

We love to celebrate families at Holly Tree;

Today we focus on Grandparents,
in honor of Granparents' Day over the weekend!

Please enjoy the poem and pictures
from our special Granparent's Breakfast!

My Grandparents

Nothing else can compare, to the happiness I find,
in the comfort of my Grandparents-that's the warm and lasting kind.
A love that's based on caring thoughts and gentle trusting ways.
Moments shared... both good and bad... and words of love and praise.
And nothing else can quite compare to knowing as I do,
we share an understanding that will last a lifetime through.
People change and places change and times keep changing too.
But one thing always stays the same... the love I feel for you.
So put this in a special place and read it now and then.
It won't be long until we're in each others arms again.

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