Sunday, October 6, 2013

What do we do at Holly Tree??

This past week at Holly Tree was jam packed with all kinds of things going on! Some of feb children in the infant classroom got to get outside and go for a little stroll along our beautiful campus. 
I went outside with them and walked also! It was such a beautiful day and beautiful weather! We discovered things like leaves, wind blowing and even watched a squirrel on the roof top! 

The preschool class went on a healthy food scavenger hunt! While I was in the kitchen cooking, I gave them some clues about where they might find some items on their list. Here they are pictured holding up some of the things they found: 

Although our theme this week involved healthy eating and food, on Friday we had a cookie decorating station in our front lobby. There was delicious oatmeal cookies, white icing and a variety of sprinkles that the children and parents could decorate a cookie to go! This was a big hit with everyone (and one of my favorited too!) 

These are just a few of the fun things that happen each week here at Holly Tree! To find out more information on our unique program, visit our website at: