Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Younger 3's

Alvin and Grigory are spending time under the learning tree!

Older 3's

It is science experiment time with Ms. Vela! The kids are loving creating 'goopy and gushy fun'!


Ms. Robin is having a blast with her friends at table play!

Nursery 1

Mrs. Faith with Kahleen. Kahleen is having a wonderful time! Look at that smile!

Nursery 1

Jaxson loving his relax time in the bouncing chair; all smiles!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Morning Centers on a Monday

Happy Monday from Holly Tree Priest Lake!

Infant II sleeping away the morning.  It was a cloudy morning so this was perfect! It made me want a nap too!

Ms. Jessie's four-year-olds in open centers.  

These girls were making a yummy breakfast in dramatic play.  It looked tasty.

Some stamping going on in Ms. Jessie's room as well.

Sweet babes in Infant I.  All smiles this morning :)

I caught Ms. Linda from Music 'N Motion as she was teaching the toddlers.  Here they were using the parachute with Frosty the Snowmen stuffed toys to flap around in the middle.

Here Ms. Linda is dancing to the music with a few dancers.

A few Todds thinking about standing up to dance.

Ms. Katelyn's Young 3s and Older 2s doing open centers.   

Ms. Robin sitting down with her kids doing a writing lesson with crayons.

Ms. Saundra and Ms. Janelle's PreK munchkins getting ready for their morning Circle Time.  Some of them are wearing crowns from an earlier activity that morning.  Looks like fun!

Ms. Vela's three-year-olds playing in playdough for open centers.  

We are having fun learning and growing here at Holly Tree Priest Lake!