Monday, January 26, 2015

Special Times At Holly Tree!

Whether it's a typical weekday, 
an enrichment class day, or a special guest day, 
EVERY day is special at Holly Tree!

Holly Tree teachers know how to make 
each day fun! Holly Tree days are filled 
with learning and love <3

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Enrichment days bring even more "specialness" to our days!
Mrs. Sandra comes every Thursday for Jesus And Me class.
We love it!

We also love that we are able to embrace God's word here at Holly Tree!
Check out this link for easy to grasp bible concepts for young children: 

Mrs. Linda comes every Monday for Music-N-Motion class. 
It's a special kind of fun only she can provide!
For more about this fabulous class and the concepts
behind it, click:

Holly Tree Special Guests are a treat! 
Particularly on days we
have celebrities! 
Olaf put smiles on everyone's faces!

At Holly Tree, we put the "special" in every day!

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Friday, January 16, 2015

January 16th

 Soccer Shots!

Our Fitness Fanatic Theme continues with our first on site class with Soccer Shots!

Children work in small groups with their teacher and a specially trained Soccer Shots instructor. The class goal is fitness and fun! Much fun was had by children and teachers alike; we can't wait for next week! Soccer Shots is coming every Tuesday, and it's not too late to sing up. Just visit:

Enjoy the fun!

 We discovered a fun program for preschoolers we'd like to share:

Publix Preschool Pals:

"Publix Preschool Pals® is a way of getting on board with you to help your kids ages two, three, and four reach their utmost potential—and have a blast doing it. You'll receive perks from Publix, created just with that preschool age in mind."

Publix is a great place to drop in for a visit, and they offer great things
for children. We took our School Agers on a field trip last summer and it was awesome!
Click on the link above to access some meaningful activities for preschoolers! You'll get birthday cards, coupons, healthy tips, recipes, games, and more--all age directed to your child!

For more about our fabulous programs here at Holly Tree, please click the link below:

We wish you health and happiness!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

C is for Cookie!

C is for Cookie! And Cookies are fun!
And being Early Childhood experts, we 
know that cookies and fun can promote learning!

Sometimes the best ways to promote learning and 
development are through fun, everyday activities.
Like making cookies. With family!

Activities like "family cookie-making" are only 
one aspect of what makes Holly Tree special.
 Whether classroom based, or center-wide,
our opportunities for family interactions are plentiful, and most cherished. 

For a sugar cookie that stands the test of time
click the link here!

For a "healthier" sugar cookie version click:

For a great sugar cookie already made and ready to enjoy,
check out our local bakery:

Homestyle Bakery; You won't be disappointed!

Please come by and see for yourself why 
Holly Tree is the place to be! 
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